Individual Sequin (SQ41i)

Main Feature

- Two different size spangles
- Automatic feeding system
- Optimum use of double sequin device
- Diverse sequin embroidery


  Max. Speed   1,200 rpm [DM Series for 3/5/7/9 mm]
  Sequin Device   Attachment Type   L   Left Side
  R   Right Side
  Sequin Size [mm]   Φ3 ~ Φ9
  Motor   Pulse Motor  x 2
  Compressed Air   0.49 Mpa [5.0kgf/cm²]
  Reel Size [mm]   Normal   Φ180
  Max   Φ225
  Application Spangle Size   3 ~ 9 [mm]
  Applicable Models   DM, SB, CE, CA, TB, K Series
[Unable to be attached to old model's   Electronic Parts]