Cording Attachment

Main Feature

  • Cording device is used for cording and looping work
  • Easy to mount
  • Easy to switch to looping


  Direction for
Attached Device
  L   Left Type
  R   Right Type
  Thickness for thread   Φ1.3 mm ~ Φ2.5 mm
  Press Foot
[1 Needle Type]
  Φ1.3 mm
  Φ1.7 mm
  Φ2.0 mm
  Φ2.5 mm
  Press Foot
[2 Needle Type]
  Φ1.3 mm ~ Φ1.5mm
  Φ1.7 mm ~ Φ2.0 mm
  Φ2.3 mm ~ Φ2.5 mm
  Usage   Each model expect Compact, 1×1, MA-6